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How to juggle your cloud communications and stay sane

Challenges to using and managing online communications

  • So many services, so little time
  • Managing so many different service can be confusing and tedious
  • Difficult to have all of your connections using the same services or tools

Ways to create private groups

Connect Everything with IFTTT

  • Create a spreadsheet (Google Drive) of tweets (Twitter) with Hash Tag
    • example: #Blizzard2015
  • Gmail messages received with #Hashtag added to spreadsheet
    • #Week1Assigment in subject
  • Automatically upload attachments from GMail to Google Drive
    • celtalnl in subject and has attachment
  • Tag articles in Feedly and shared in GroupMe
    • Tag Web Dev
  • Facebook status update with hastag to GroupMe
  • RSS to Slack
    • Great Google Alert RSS Feed
    • All new RSS entries posted to Slack Private Group
  • Twitter hashtag to Slack
  • Post a voice message to WordPress
  • Send voice notes to your email inbox


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